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* When purchasing any Facial Package, ask about our special pricing. Promotions may vary.
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The Beauty Pass

A New Standard of Technology in Non Surgical Face and Neck Lifting. This Perfect Treatment will IRON out wrinkles, tighten, lift and firm your face! Even stubborn mouth lines are dramatically reduced in the very first treatment. Eyes brighten up as they are lifted and saggy jowls take on a new ability to regain the elasticity of a firmer face. The Beauty Pass will transform your face and make it the very best that it can be and naturally bring back that youthful healthy glow, all in one amazing treatment. Call now to set up a consultation to see if you are a candidate for this revolutionary break-thru in skin care technology!

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* For seriously dramatic change a series of 10 treatments is recommended.
* Be sure to inquire about special pricing on the purchase of a package.

Face & Neck Sculpting

This facial treatment lifts tones and tightens the skins natural ability to rebuild the texture of aging skin. Due to the loss of elasticity in the skin as we age our skin naturally begins to loose the tonicity and elasticity of a younger skin. This unique treatment will re-educate your facial muscles and the firming results will accumulate as more sessions are added. Deeper lines are plumped up and out and eyes are lifted for a brighter appearance.

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* Treatment may be less than 55 minutes when combined with additional services.

IP5 Illuminating Peel Facial

Concerns: Unhealthy, Pre-maturely Aged Skin.

  • Medium Wrinkles and Creases
  • Fragile, Weak Skin
  • Sallow, Dull Complexion

Treat and defeat all signs of aging with our most comprehensive and advanced anti-aging facial. Your skin is re-programmed for youthfulness by immune cell-stimulating Immuno-Skin Complex while five high performance exfoliators, hydrators and brighteners rapidly resurface and rehydrate your skin. Hyaluronic microspheres in the instant eye-lift super hydrate skin and plump deep wrinkles in a formula that’s proven to increase skin firmness by up to 75% in just 15 minutes! The Cooling Recovery Mask rehydrates, rebalances and protects skin that’s newly bright, newly smooth and clearly more youthful!

* Recommended in a series of 3 treatments 1 time per week.
* Treatment may be less than 60 minutes when combined with additional services.

Microdermabrasion Derma Renew Light Therapy Treatment with Photo Facial

Crystal free and Suction Free Derma Renew Light Therapy builds and rejuvenates tired dull sallow skin and brings back the youthful glow of younger looking skin. Cell turnover rate is generated at a much faster pace thus enhancing the skins ability to shed old dead skin and promote a healthy complexion the natural way. Helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Improves sun damage, age spots, acne scars and minimizes large pores. This treatment is painless and very relaxing, unlike most Microdermabrasion treatments. * Treatment may be less than 45 minutes when combined with additional services.

Click here to learn more about Sapphire Microdermabrasion

Click here to learn more about our Oxygen LED Light Treatments

Skin Extreme Brightening Facial Treatment

This facial is both relaxing and highly effective. Extreme Brightening is a special course of treatment designed for treatment of pigmentation disorders and will provide a lightened effect to the skin. Existing hyper-pigmentation will be permanently reduced, whilst new skin pigmentation is considerably prevented and the color of the skin itself will be effectively lightened. A deep steam clean and extractions are performed when necessary, a facial massage and a neck and shoulder massage is included.

* Treatments may be combined with Microdermabrasion Derma Renew Light Therapy Treatments.
* We suggest our “SIX Week Visible Fade Out Kit” to be used at home 1x every evening.
* Buy 5 treatments get 1 FREE.
* Recommended in a series of 6 treatments weekly or bi-weekly.

Intensive Wrinkle Reducer Rapid Peel Facial

Concerns: Genetic Aging, Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Sagging Skin. Swiftly and dramatically reduce the appearance of wrinkles with powerful exfoliator’s while infusing the skin with long-lasting hydration. Enjoy dramatic improvements in texture and tone without the severe level of irritation characteristic of a high-performance peel. Featuring Murad’s exclusive Durian Cell Reform technology to enhance the penetration of anti-aging ingredients, this clinically proven, results-oriented facial will leave your skin brighter, smoother and firmer after just one treatment.

* Excellent for those who require more intense exfoliation.
* Recommended as a series of 4 treatments 1 time per week.
* Treatment may be less than 60 minutes when combined with additional services.

Oxygen Infusion LED Wrinkle Reducer

This Anti-Aging Wrinkle Reducing Facial Procedure begins with Lymphatic drainage. Oxygen and Peptide hydrating serum with natural ingredients such as mango kernal butter and horsetail extract is infused into facial wrinkles to soften and minimize medium to deep lines. LED light Therapy is used to promote tightening of the skin & increased collagen production.

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* Treatment may be less than 30 minutes when combined with additional services.

 Oxygen Infusion LED Facial

Oxygen Infusion LED Facial Therapy offers state-of-the-art technology that transforms skin without discomfort or recovery time. This treatment infuses oxygen and feeds health into the deepest layers of the skin. Treats both face and decollete. Both effective and relaxing.

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* Treatment may be less than 45 minutes when combined with additional services.

Extreme Acne Facial

Extreme Acne Facial For Extreme Acne this facial is optimal in correcting and healing Acne. Twice under gentle steam skin is cleansed with Clarifying Cleanser, rinsed and analyzed. Professional Enzyme Treatment is applied to face. Papaya and Pineapple Enzymes along with Sodium Bicarbonate digest surface cell build-up. Ginko Biloba Extract provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Bitter Orange Extract improves hydration, Strengthening the skin’s barrier function. Extractions are performed and a Clarifying Mask is applied for ten minutes. Mask is a natural clay-based formula which reduces irritation and minimizes breakouts. Sulfur reduces acne, severity as it encourages the skin to clear. Zinc and Licorice Extract soothe, comfort, and calm skin. Allantoin helps to heal irritated skin. We also suggest click here for Acne Oxygen LED Treatment for Acne.

* Treatment may be less than 60 minutes when combined with additional services.

 Natural Ultimate Acne Facial

Introduce your skin to a deeply cleansed, clearer, brighter complexion. Your skin will experience the ultimate benefits of our Dead Sea Mineral Peel Off Mask derived from 400 meters below sea level. The Dead Sea Mineral Mask is famous for its healing and therapeutic properties. The botanical Bisabolol is an anti-inflammatory agent that is soothing and calming to the skin. Licorice extract has anti-irritant properties, and clarifies the skin. Natural bio-fruit acid complex, sugarcane, and malic, tartaric, and citric acids act like a biological peeling. This smooths the surface of the skin to combat impurities and inflammation, and brightens dark skin discolorations. Your skin will witness fast results with this Ultimate Acne Facial — the ultimate approach to any acne/oily skin challenges. Say hello to your new skin. Click here for Acne Oxygen LED Treatment

* Treatment may be less than 60 minutes when combined with additional services.

Classic Rosacea Specialty Facial

This soothing steam free facial will reduce redness, swelling, itching, burning, and feelings of tension on the skin. Natural Fruit Enzymes or Derma Fleece Collagen mask gently exfoliate and soften dead skin cells as you relax with a wonderful shoulder massage. Next de-stress sensitive red rosacea skin with a soothing aloe mask. Choose from a peel off mask or a soothing cream mask.  Enjoy a foot massage and or a hand massage. Extractions are performed when necessary followed with a facial massage and a calming dose of  Anti-Couperose fluid which calms, firms and strengthens the texture of the skin. Finally, an optimal solution for one of the most challenging skin conditions. Beautiful, enjoy!

* We recommend click here for Oxygen LED Light Therapy treatment as a compliment to this facial.
* Treatment may be less than 60 minutes when combined with additional services.

Acne Back Facial

Start with a deep clean exfoliation and steam treatment to soften clogged pores. Extractions are then performed by our Skin Care Expert. A skin specific mask is applied to encourage even the deepest most stubborn blemishes. This treatment slows down unwanted sebum production to minimize large pores and reveals your back with confidence.

* Treatment may be less than 60 minutes when combined with additional services.

Natural Care Organics

In Harmony With Oneself And Nature. Relax with confidence as we Cleanse, Refresh, Exfoliate and Steam for a Radiant Firming and Hydrating Organic Treatment you will find simple and uncomplicated from start to finish! A wonderful way to pamper yourself or a loved one. A Natural choice during pregnancy and nursing. The Organics products have been formulated in the Dr. Sacher Kosmetik development laboratory and produced in a certified production and filling plant. The Internationally recognized NA True quality seal serves as proof of this high standard of quality.

Sun Undone Vitamin C Infusion Facial

Environmental Shield– Preventing and Reversing Environmental Damage through The Science of Cellular Water. Concerns: Environmental Aging, Age and Sun Spots, Uneven Skin Texture and Tone, Fine Lines and Wrinkles. Environmental exposure creates a broad range of problems for your skin, that’s why this antioxidant-rich treatment is formulated to restore clarity, texture, elasticity and firmness, while fading pigmentation and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. Dr. Murad’s patented infusion technology delivers pure Vitamin C directly into the skin for maximum results. See a significant improvement in just one treatment. Great for hand and foot or leg treatments.

* Recommended as a series of 6 treatments 1 time per week.
* Treatment may be less than 60 minutes when combined with additional services.

Pom-Power Pore Cleansing Facial

This extra deep clean facial with steam will unclog even the most stubborn pores. The powerful antioxidant rich exfoliation mask restores, revitalizes, and balances combination skin. Pomegranate and Ginkgo Biloba Extracts fight free radicals and inflammation. Natural fruit enzymes and AHAs dissolve tired cells and free skin’s surface of trapped impurities. Softens, conditions, and hydrates.

* Treatment may be less than 60 minutes when combined with additional services.

Super Hydrating Facial Treatment
Liquid Gold Mask for Dry or Sensitive Skin

Hydrates and Moisturizes. Plumps skin up so fine lines are less noticeable. Dehydrated skin can be caused from severe weather changes and mature menopausal skin. This hydrating facial will refresh the skins own natural moisture pH level in just one session. The Gold Mask is a popular treatment used in Hollywood California. It will calm, comfort, hydrate and encourage healing of irritable, blotchy and dehydrated skin. It is excellent for excessive redness and chapped skin, and is equally effective when used for treatment of minor sunburn.

* Treatment may be less than 60 minutes when combined with additional services.

Oxygen LED Light Treatments for Acne

Blue LED is the most common sought-after alternative solution for treating acne vulgaris. Exposure to Blue light induces photo-excitation of bacterial porphyrins, single oxygen production, and subsequent bacterial destruction. Laboratory studies have shown that light therapy offers extensive benefits with regards to the lymph vessels. Oxygen with Light Therapy delivers a very innovative technology that combines both light and oxygen simultaneously. When Combining both pure oxygen and light it will increase the benefits of the Acne treatment.

Click here for more information

Glycolic Pomegranate Peel

Refines texture to reduce the appearance of lines & wrinkles revealing softer, smoother younger, looking skin. Pomegranate Extract fortifies skin to protect from free radical damage. Lecithin helps to strengthen skins barrier to lock in moisture. The application of a vitamin-rich gel mask follows for hydration and texture. Both hormonal and combination skins will receive mutual benefits. Decreases hyper pigmented skin and leaves skin looking and feeling baby soft.

* Treatment may be less than 45 minutes when combined with additional services.

European Facial

A calming and relaxing facial. Deep steam clean will open pores allowing extractions to be easily removed. Honey almond exfoliation scrub will brighten normal to dry skin types. Clay mask or Gel Hydrating mask will relax, calm and hydrate your skin. You will enjoy a shoulder massage and a facial massage.

* We suggest our Acne Facial for clients that need more than average extractions, this facial is not recommended for acne clients.
* We suggest one of our specialty facials for skin-specifics solutions.
* Treatment may be less than 60 minutes when combined with additional services.

Teen or pre Teen Facial

Introduce your teen or pre-teen to a facial. Allow them to experience the rewards of taking care of their skin starting at a young age. Your teen or pre-teen will relax through a deep-steam clean, mask, and exfoliation rub. For more skin-type specific solutions, try one of our specialty facials.

* Add on a shoulder massage for only $25.00
* Treatment may be less than 50 minutes when combined with additional services.

Add On

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Add on – IP5 Volumizing Luminosity Firming Peel
Add on – Retinol Renewal Peel
Add on – Intensive Wrinkle Reducer Peel
Add on – Natural Fruit Enzyme Peel
Add on – Glycolic Peel for Neck & Decolletage
Add on – Oxygen Infusion
Add on – LED Lift and Tone
Add on – Hollywood Liquid Gold Mask
Add on – Lymphatic Drainage
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