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C. Newcomb, Clearwater, FL
I couldn’t wait to finish my face, so I could start on my body. I haven’t been this firm and little since I was in college and that was 22 years ago.

Shelly Detomaso, Dallas, TX
I thought my friend was crazy when she told me about Beautiful Image Facial & Body Sculpting™, but as she began to look younger–not to mention happier–I had to try it myself. Now I’m on my 6th session and I’m already amazed at the results!

Gayle Guyardo, NBC News Anchor, WFLA
I couldn’t believe the results when I looked in the mirror. I was just shocked! It gives your face a lift without surgery. If you have it done once, you’ll see immediate change. A ton of Channel 8 viewers gave it a try–I did too and thought it worked!!!

Macy Calderon, Alpine, CA
Everyone is skeptical about this “Microcurrent Facelift” because it sounds too good to be true, but everyone I know who actually tries it becomes a believer, including me, and I am the biggest skeptic about everything. All I can say is try it for yourself.

Grady Graham, Elgin, IL
Microcurrent Facial and Body Sculpting? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. No more painful, invasive, risky cosmetic procedures for me–I love it!!

Christiana Mack, Baltimore, MD
I saw enough results after one treatment of Beautiful Image Facial Sculpting that I knew I wanted to do this. Now I look at least 10 years younger after only 90 days–what an investment!

Cynda Newcomb, Clearwater, FL
I couldn’t wait to finish my face, so I could start on my body. I haven’t been this firm and lifted since I was in college and that was 22 years ago

Ellen Barber, Atlanta, GA
I was getting Microcurrent Facials when I lived in Germany. I moved to the U.S. and found Beautiful Image’s Facial Sculpting and I can tell you it’s better than anything I was getting before. The results are truly faster and longer lasting than anything else.

Contessa DiBenedetto, New York, NY
In all honesty, I didn’t believe your body photos were authentic, until I tried this myself. After three Microcurrent Body Sculpting sessions, my stomach looks amazing. I am excited more and more with each treatment and can’t wait to finish. This is the real deal!

Ashley Thomas-Guyton, Smyrna, GA
No matter how much I exercised, I had flabby areas on my stomach that just wouldn’t go away. I saw Microcurrent body sculpting on the news and tried it with much skepticism. As crazy as it seems, this really works, and I can measure the change in inches

DeAnne Shelley, Plymouth, OR
Other body treatments seemed to mainly treat cellulite, got minimal results, and involved risk or pain. Beautiful Image Body Sculpting™ does so much more without risk, and was as relaxing as a full body massage

Jackie Silver
I’m in the anti-aging business and I’m always on the lookout for the latest, greatest products and services to keep me “Aging Backwards!” I found the Fountain of Youth when I discovered Beautiful Image. It works! I love that I’ve finally found a way to look younger with no pain, no needles and no gigantic pills to swallow. Everyone should own a Beautiful Image machine!”

Carolyn Thumann
I was so excited and 100% satisfied after just one treatment. However, I was more excited and 150% satisfied the next morning when I looked in the mirror. The results were even better than the day of the treatment.

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