Introducing. “The Skinny Lipo Melt Body Wrap”

If you are the type of person who wants to see instant and long term
results, try our Lipo Melt Body Wrap.

We all need help with speeding up our metabolism. The Skinny Lipo Melt Wrap
stimulates your body’s ability to metabolize like when we are younger,
causing the core to react by ridding excess water retention and toxin build
up. You will sleep better and have more energy throughout the day as well.

This treatment is an amazing all natural treatment for the body’s ability to
eliminate excess inches fast.

Many clients do these treatments on a regular basis to maintain a healthy
weight and to lose those stubborn pounds when diet reaches its plateau by
providing instant ongoing effectiveness for up to 72 hours or longer.

This treatment also combats stubborn cottage cheese cellulite skin resulting
in a much smoother less bumpy and lumpy skin texture. Perfect for beach
goers or anyone wanting to bare their skin in a positive mood.

Call for a free consultation on how you can start losing inches now!

*Treatment time may include a shower or hot towel removal.


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