Microcurrent – a natural alternative to Botox and Fillers

Microcurrent is a natural alternative to Botox and Fillers. Results are beautiful. Microcurrent is a non-surgical face and neck lift alternative for individuals seeking a non-surgery approach.

The Beauty Pass treatment is a great way to lift and tighten saggy areas of the face. It also irons out wrinkles and eliminates broken capillaries as it reduces pore size.

Microcurrent is a modality providing electric current in millionths of an ampere, called Microamperes. It is the closest known electrical current that can be delivered on a near identical magnitude as the electrical current the human body naturally produces on its own; it is therefore physiologic and safe.

Microcurrent is subsensory and should not be felt while it is being delivered, since there is barely enough current to stimulate the sensory receptors. Microcurrent modalities are different than TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), which uses a form of electrical current measured in Milliamperes commonly used as a therapy to block pain. Microcurrent is from 10-100 times less powerful than TENS, and should never cause muscle contraction or be uncomfortable during cosmetic applications.

Microcurrent is part of the TENS current range; however, Microcurrent provides accumulative healing affects, whereas TENS blocks pain but has virtually no healing effect. The Microcurrent modality used in medical healing is referred to as MENS, but its use for aesthetic treatment is termed Facial Sculpting or Facial Toning.

Microcurrent, because of its close proximity to our own body’s current, works on a more cellular level to aid in the healing process. It is upon this initial cellular healing platform that began the research and development into the use of  Microcurrent for aesthetic regeneration.


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