What age can I start doing Micro Current treatments and are at home devices the same as an actual Spa treatment

People often ask what age should I start doing Micro Current Facials.

Micro-current can be used in your 20’s and works as an age deferral and an age corrective tool. It’s never too late to start. Think of it as some TLC  to tone, lift and contour!

Young cells are capable to produce optimum levels of energy. However, as we age, the current starts to decline and thus leads to sagging, muscle laxity, loss of contour and an increase in skin wrinkling.

Micro-current technology provides a natural  non-invasive, virtually sub sensory treatment to help improve the tone of your muscles, micro circulation to boost skin radiance and increase the synthesis of collagen and elastin that helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The face is also the only area in your body where the skin and the muscles are connected, helping to produce facial expressions. As we age the muscles start to become laxed, leading to loss of tone, skin sagging and wrinkling. Micro-current helps to regain muscle strength, think of it as exercise for your face, a facial workout!

At home devices are definitely nowhere near anything like an actual Spa micro-current treatment. Not all micro-current is the same so be cautious when deciding to spend your hard earned income on a at home device that is not worth the money spent.

Results from a professional device are safe and effective stimulating long lasting results that accumulate much faster and last much longer. In other words a spa micro current treatment is going to give you results worth paying for!


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